CPR SOLUTION is a company specialized in the recruitment of hostesses and promoters. Nowadays, to be a promoter means to be an active person in the direct marketing field, and so, to direct the promotion of a product or a business service with the purpose to guide customers to buy it and loyalty to the customer.

The hostess's job is instead dedicated to women of good standing, with proven experience in corporate and corporate events congresses: the main task of a hostess is to welcome participants and guests in order to provide the necessary information during the event. In the recruitment of staff, CPR SOLUTION is constantly looking for dynamic figures that can approach and interact directly with the potential buyer, present them product features and any business promotions in progress or being able to provide support during corporate events, seminars, congresses as well as private events. Depending on the activity requirements, customer needs and the reference industry, we are able to provide our customers with the most precise type of staff. Each assistant we provide is specialized in food tastings, cosmetic samples, gadgets, coupons, fidelity cards and discount coupons and in providing, technical information relating to specific areas such as personal care (dentistry, ophtalmology), telephony (mobile phones and accessories), electronics (computers, printers, hi-fi), fashion or even immaterial services like bankary products or insurances. If requested, the promoter will also find contacts and compile custom forms.

Some technical details about our services in the recruitment and supply of hostesses and promoters.

Every promotion is preceded by a briefing between customer and promoter, in which to discuss and define the main points of the product, the technical details, the required dress-code, the language and communicative style to be used during the service and if necessary, how to compile any final reports.

CPR SOLUTION puts the customer at their disposal for meetings or briefings. Also, it is important to mention that all our employees are regularly contracted and covered byinsurance against accidents and civil liability. Contact us without obligation for more information.

If you want to apply as a promoter, you can do it directly from the page work with us.


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