Models, Hostess and Image Steward

CPR SOLUTION is a company that deals with supplying models and hostesses for industry and trade fairs corporate events, with a consolidated experience in this field in Rome and throughout the country.

Nowadays, the supply of models, hostesses and stewards is increasingly required for promotional and advertising events, press conferences or events organized by companies for their own employees or all stakeholders. These figures actively contribute to the success of an organized event in the smallest detail.

In this kind of organized events, hostesses and stewards have the precise task of providing assistance to clients in the designated location, together with the image girls who deal with the possible distribution of test and / or complimentary products, information material, gadgets and other promotional materials. While hostesses and stewards who collaborate with us are specialized in welcoming the participants and providing them all necessary directions, models or image girls are instead dynamic professional figures  that have the task of interacting directly with the potential customers present at the event, highlighting and exalting a precise product or service that the company intend to sponsor.

Our staff supply service guarantees assistants who are able to do the best with the the required activitiesin order to ensure the highest quality standards: each hostess is subject to an evaluation at the end of the event. This is a procedure that helps CPR SOLUTION to provide more and more qualified staff professionals, responding effectively to every need of our customers. Finally, it is useful to remember that all our employees are regularly contracted and have an insurance coverage both against accidents and civil liability.


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