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CPR SOLUTION is a renowned hostess and steward agency for events, known throughout the country for its utmost seriousness, professionalism and industry experience. We are a leading supplier of  professional figures such as stewards and hostesses for fairs, congresses, conferences, meetings and business events of all kinds.

We handle a large number of professional collaborators, with proven track record in order to always propose an effective solution to the needs of each customer while providing a service high quality and guaranteed results. The winning features of our hostess and steward agency for events and congresses are definitely competitive prices and a careful selection of staff, recruited on the basis of rigid criteria of professionalism to propose to clients companies always skilled figures, appropriate to our requests.

In detail, hostesses and stewards that we provide are representational and dynamic figures attending events, meetings, concerts and business events. Their job is to deal with people,  mainly welcoming participants and guests, providing detailed information on request, collecting personal information of guests, greeting the public at the entrance of the event location, and promptly intervene in case of need, signaling any problems or difficulties of all sorts to the event referents.

Our service includes selecting the most appropriate resources according to the event structure, location, sector and type of activity required. In addition, we always provide our assistants an information briefing about the event activities. As a location for the assistants briefing Cpr Solution proposes to provide its customers, if required, its own headquarters as a meeting place. We also want to underline that each of our employees is regularly contracted with an accident insurance coverage and civil liability.

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