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CPR SOLUTION is a company specialized in the provision of staff for public and private events. We take care of selecting, recruiting and providing a number of professional figures able to cover different roles depending on the customer's needs, the type of employment and the context in which they are placed. Below is a list of the main categories; for details you can deepen by clicking on the boxes at the end of the text.

  • Models, or image girls: good standing girls and boys, they have the task of communicating the corporate message to a wide audience of people interested in the product or service offered;
  • Steward / hostess: professional figures with the task of welcoming participants to an event and providing them with all the useful information they need. They are also involved in controlling the proper general performance of the event, intervening where necessary and signaling any problems or difficulties to the referents;
  • Tour leader: a key figure in an event that has the duty to accompany and guide guests throughout the event from the arrival at the airport, passing through the entire event until the return;
  • Promoter: dynamic figure that interacts on its own initiative with a potential customer who is interested in the product or service of a company. It is one of the most used figures in the event staff and usually has the task of intercepting and attracting people to a product / service through discount coupons, fidelity cards, gadgets, and product tests;
  • Mystery client: An individual who acts by mandate as a potential customer and goes anonymously at stores or booths to interact with staff, ask questions, evaluate internal dynamics;
  • Interpreters: Professional figures available for long-distance travel to attend event or meeting clients who need a translator who provides language assistance. It is important to point out that each of our employees is regularly contracted with an insurance coverage covering civil liability and accidents. These and many others are the professional figures we recruit and provide as staff for public and private events; Enter specific categories to get more detailed information.

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Al Teatro Quirino di Roma, uno dei teatri più eleganti della Capitale - Monica Guerritore ha interpretato e messo in scena Mariti e Mogli, tratto dall'omonimo film di Woody Allen.
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Il talento ti fa vincere una partita. L'intelligenza e il lavoro di squadra ti fanno vincere un campionato.
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