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CPR SOLUTION is a company specialized in the design of promotional activities and communication initiatives.

In a world saturated with all sorts of advertising messages, people are addicted to classical communication methods and unconsciously do not pay much attention to conventional promotion formats. Our activity in designing promotional activities is aimed at communicating the message and surprising the public by implementing actions that are termed unconventional, even through traditional media. In addition to the use of new digital media, it is possible to reinterpret the use of classical media, making a message through them still interesting and impacting. Using traditional communication channels out of the charts can contribute to the success of an advertising campaign that knows how to impose on the mind of the customer.

CPR SOLUTION offers various kinds of unconventional promotional activities, such as street marketing: from the most classic flashmob to the innovative "street dance", an activity that involves complex choreographies with professional dancers. Among our unconventional marketing solutions is also the famous viral marketing, which identifies products or services that can spontaneously spread among people, just as they are like viruses. The basic concept that distinguishes viral marketing from the classical one is that the advertising object is initially spread through a niche of people, the so-called influencers, and then scattered through the Internet. Online communications and social networks facilitate the exchange of information in really short and short times, acting as real sound boxes.

Our ability to deeply understand all the dynamics of the various channels and communication environments allows us to design effective and efficient promotional activities and marketing strategies with a view to spreading a business message in a targeted way to potential customers.

As part of the design of promotional activities we propose a plan of communication activities through the web, social media and we are dealing with traditional media. We also strategically project and implement dynamic and radio communication, billboards in small, medium and large formats, campaigns and promotional tours, graphic processing and coordinated image.

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Al Teatro Quirino di Roma, uno dei teatri più eleganti della Capitale - Monica Guerritore ha interpretato e messo in scena Mariti e Mogli, tratto dall'omonimo film di Woody Allen.
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