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CPR SOLUTION is a corporate events agency that has specialized in Business & Incentive events over the last few years.

More and more often we hear about team motivation, team building, business cohesion. Although in fact knowing how to work in a group and the affection of collaborators are recognized as an ace in the sleeve for a successful organization, only relatively recently the promotion of activities aimed at favoring these behaviors and virtuous attitudes has become so important to bring at the birth of real-life business dedicated to team building activities.

For our Business Clients, we provide consulting in planning and realization of personal motivation events: CPR SOLUTION is in fact an expert agency of corporate event organization, also related to the development of an identity and a common business sense and to the valorization of attitudes and mindset, more conscious and commonly oriented.

We offer a diverse range of ideas and possibilities to best suit the specific needs of our clients with whom we work side by side at each stage of the project. Among our proposals there are culinary activities (aperitifs, theme dinners), group lessons (survival, cooking training, movie making), fun activities (escape rooms, board games and role play, quizzes, amusement parks, treasure hunters ), team and single sports (bowling, kart, archery, paintball and softair, canyoning), relaxing and cultural activities (spas, book clubs, guided tours), full day trips or corporate trips, excursions and so on. These are just some of the examples of activities that require our support for organizational purposes; for any other ideas or suggestions please feel free to contact us.

We can provide the support of experienced trainers, tour leaders and motivators with many years of experience in the field. In addition, the numerous collaborations we have implemented over the years allow us to have different solutions from the proven effectiveness to be offered to our customers. Rely on the experience and professionalism of a complete corporate event agency such as CPR SOLUTION.


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